In light of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ refusal to acknowledge the realities of the Corona Virus, their insistence on picking winners and losers among the County’s businesses, and the skyrocketing numbers of permanent business closures and unemployment filings with the cascade of other consequences to this destruction of our economy, a group of grassroots activists is calling for a safe and responsible county-wide “Back to Work” day on June 1st.
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The restrictions being put on our children are scarring and necessary!

We are calling on businesses to re-open in a safe and responsible way.

If you are a business wanting to open
If you would like to support businesses who are opening,


Email: OpenLABusinessNow@gmail.com
Phone: (213)788-2182

We believe the economic damage done by the shutdown is far more pervasive than the virus itself. The continued “Shelter in Place” orders are unfounded and detrimental to Los Angeles.

We advocate safe and responsible re-opening of businesses to get the city going again. We urge compliance with the CDC guidelines for business. Those guidelines are found here and here, and the guidelines from LA County are here.

Businesses accept responsibility regarding their opening and the conditions under which they operate, just as they have always have.

Employers Should Proceed Cautiously as Businesses Reopen and Employees Return to Worksites:
As businesses begin to reopen and employees return to the workplace, federal, state and local agencies have issued guidelines to assist employers. These guidelines are worth reviewing and we provide links below. Additionally, if you require assistance with return to work policies and/or Emergency Paid Sick Leave or Emergency Paid Family Medical Leave Act Leave Policies, please reach out to us:
CDC Guidance for Reopening Offices: Click Here
CDC Free Printable Signage: Click Here
OSHA Guidance for Responding to COVID: Click Here
CA Department of Industrial Relations Guidance for Responding to COVID: Click Here
FEHA Privacy Issues related to COVID Diagnosis: Click Here
LA County Department of Public Health Reopening Order: Click Here
LA County Department of Health Guidance for Reopening Offices: Click Here

Senate Passes Bill to Give Flexibility for Small Business Coronavirus AidThe Senate passed legislation on June 3, 2020 providing flexibility to small businesses receiving forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”). This new law, if signed by Trump, provides small businesses with more time to use the money just before the pending deadline to forgive the first round of payments. The thrust of the PPP Flexibility Act is to provide businesses 24 weeks — instead of eight — to spend loans received under the PPP and have the loan forgiven. The new law also relaxes a requirement that 75% of the loan go toward payroll, lowering the threshold to 60%. Several business groups, including the restaurant industry, advocated for such changes. Among other considerations, eight weeks was not enough time given that the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to remain shuttered longer than the PPP anticipated when it passed in late March as part of the Cares Act.
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